Joyride Cycles


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Retail Clothing/Gear Store
Bicycle Shop


Mountain Biking


Joyride Cycles was started by guys whose lives have always revolved around the bike in just about every way; from working in bike shops, working for bike companies, to racing, to traveling to ride in exotic locations we been around. We are passionate about bikes and know what it's like to go into a bike shop and be treated as if we don't know anything or to ask a question only to be talked down to. So we decided that we can do much better, and started our own bike shop that specializes in treating our customers like royalty. Give us a chance to prove ourselves, you won't be disappointed.

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Hell yeah, this profile looks cool.

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Hyde Park
1306 Alturas Street
83702 Boise, Idaho
United States
(208) 947-0017


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