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Retail Clothing/Gear Store


Mountain Biking
Rock Climbing
Snow Shoeing
Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding
Wakeboard/Water Ski
Para Gliding/Hang Gliding
Ice Climbing
Whitewater Rafting
Off Roading
Cross Country Skiing
Inline Skating
Dirt Bike
Hang Gliding


The Beginning: 

SCORE Outdoors is a family owned and operated business that was established in March of 2012 in Boise Idaho.   SCORE Outdoors started as an on line retail business of new and used outdoor gear in March of 2012.  After a short few months we outgrew our home business  and decided through the advice of friends and family that we should open a store in the Boise Idaho area and continue to grow our on line presence.  That is just what we did and it has been growing thanks to all the public and internet support.

Who we are and what we do:

We are outdoor enthusiasts.  With the outdoor enthusiast in mind, we created a new and used outdoor store that gives individuals the opportunity to shop and or consign quality used outdoor gear.  Condition is very important to us.  By controlling the quality and condition of the products we are providing outdoor enthusiasts with a place to purchase clean quality name brand items at a fraction of full retail prices.  We figured there are more people in the world that are like us.  We don’t mind buying used gear as long as it is in clean working condition.  Plus we keep it out of the land fill.  And if we happen to not have what you are looking for, through our awesome wish list we can help you find the gear you are in need of.

At SCORE Outdoors we don’t just sell outdoor gear but provide or find quality information and instructions pertaining to various outdoor recreational activities.  We don’t claim to know everything but we know a lot about many outdoor activities.  And if it is out of our level of expertise then we are willing to find the proper information for you.  We know people that can help.   Through the addition of our store, we have connected with various experts in different outdoor fields that are willing to help us with any information that is needed to help you.

The Future:

SCORE Outdoors is continually looking to advance in the future.  With the addition of our website, we will be able to provide more information and product at your fingertips.  As we continue to add more product and information we hope that you will continue to return to our site for updates.  Please feel free to opt in to our website and we will send you updates on various products and information pertaining to the outdoors and SCORE Outdoors.  Let us know how we can better serve you.  Please check us out on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

Thank You Very Much for Your Support in Building Something Great


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Score Outdoors
10512 W. Fairview Ave
83704 Boise, Idaho
United States
(208) 401-6543